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Would you like to use one or more photographs exclusively ?

If an image has not sold yet, you can make sure no one else will use the same photograph as you.

We offer market freeze, license, exclusive right and buy out option for any resolution.

Any photograph can be hidden from our site for as long as you need it, or forever with buy out.

Contact us with image number for more information and a nice price. We keep track of all sales.


We like to keep it simple and sell all our photographs with royalty free license !

However, we still set our prices according to image value, file resolution and usage for print.

Royalty free images are a one-time payment – You pay a unique, flat fee, and you never have to pay for the photograph again. The name literally means you are exempted from paying royalties, this is, to pay recurrent fees for using an image. This, combined with the low pricing makes them very affordable.  

Royalty free images are non-exclusive – Royalty free licenses do not grant you exclusive rights over the image. Meaning, others can license the same content and use it at the same time as you. However, you can alter the images as much as you wish to make them look more unique, and it’s the fact they can be licensed over and over that makes the pricing so affordable. 

What Royalty Free is not

Royalty free is not copyright free.

There is still a copyright owner involved, who is licensing a right to use their intellectual property, but not selling ownership. Copyright law still applies.

Royalty free is not free of charge.

The image license has a price, that you must pay in order to use the copyrighted material.

It is not a free-to-use license.

Royalty free is not free of terms or restrictions.


Our images for commercial use are fully released for global use.

They can be used for promotional and advertising purposes and generally have no restrictions. This means that these images will be involved in a profit potentially being made by the user. These photos will have signed model and / or property releases and are typically staged, meaning the model in the photo has given consent and signed an agreement.



Images marked as editorial use only can be used online and in print for newspapers, magazines,

articles, education, textbooks, editorial broadcasts, non-commercial websites, blogs and social media posts illustrating matters of public interest. Presentations such as film and documentaries.


An editorial image is limited to non-commercial uses meaning they cannot be used 
to advertise or promote a product or service.


They can contain logos, business names and recognizable people without signed releases.

How to properly use editorial images

Remain truthful.

Excessive creative edits or filters are strictly prohibited. This will protect the authenticity and credibility behind what is being photographed. Slight changes such as lighting adjustments are permitted.



Find our terms and conditions here.


Thank you for your interest in Scandinavian Photography.

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